Who is I Was Thinking?

I Was Thinking (IWT) is a food packaging facility specializing in delivering only the highest quality of 100% natural, super and organic foods. We afford solutions for retailers, wholesalers, distributors and organic products. With the help of my mom, family and friends, my dream of providing the best foods Mother Nature can produce became a reality. On August 19, 2014 we started packaging products in our home.

Today I am proud to say that with considerable hard work and passion for my vision we run our business from a certified organic warehouse with a solid IWT product line. Having worked in the food/distribution business for almost 20 years, has made me a more conscience consumer. Our goal is to make 100% natural nutrient dense foods accessible to everyone

Our concept is simple: Deliver the highest quality in 100% natural, super and organic foods. Our product line is sourced from various countries. We take extreme measures to ensure the premium quality of our product line. We do not sacrifice nutrition and quality for dollars. If it’s not good enough for me and my family, then it’s not good enough to package for our clients, you.


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